E-Bikes: The Ultimate College Accessory

E-Bikes: The Ultimate College Accessory

If you are currently in college, it is almost certain that you have seen somebody riding an e-bike on campus, and there certainly is a reason why. These flexible vehicles have become one of the most popular transportation options on the market for students.

These vehicles are low-cost and suited to virtually every need. Whether it is getting around campus, traveling to off-campus activities, or work, an e-bike is ready to get it done. Plus, with the growing number of environmentally conscious individuals among our current generation of students, it is easy to see why so many choose an e-bike over driving a car. With an e-bike, you can enjoy getting where you need to fast and easy with next to no carbon footprint.

Plus, between gas and insurance, you will easily save the cost of a bike and more in the first year alone. This is a pretty big advantage for most cash-strapped students out there. So, now that we have gotten some of the reasons why e-bikes are so popular on campus right now let's take a closer look at why these devices have really become the ultimate college accessory.

Six Reasons E-Bikes are The Ultimate College Accessory

Out of the many reasons an e-bike is a great choice for anyone, let's take a look at just six reasons why they are perfect for college students.

Reason 1: Huge Savings

Using an e-bike for transportation can save anyone a lot of money over using a car or motorcycle, but for students, these savings can often mean a lot more. Instead of paying big bucks at the fuel pump for every tank, you can spend pennies to recharge your battery. Plus, you won't need to spend triple digits every month on car insurance anymore. Between these expenses, you will be able to save a lot of money and still get wherever you need to go.

Reason 2: Escape the Hassles of Parking

If someone has ever spent time on campus, they will understand the struggle that comes with trying to find a parking spot. Plus, even once you do find one, it can seem like a trap once it comes time to try and navigate your way out with everyone squeezed in around you.

In any college, the majority of parking spaces are assigned to teachers and staff, leaving any students with a car with few options. This means either circling and waiting for a miracle or often parking far away from the campus and taking a walk. Most college students are way too busy to waste time on this!

Luckily, e-bikes offer a compact solution to this dilemma. You can get to the campus on time, and once you're there, it is easy to find parking at any bike rack or just about anywhere else.

Reason 3: Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Among the biggest advantages an e-bike can offer; clearly, one of them is how environmentally friendly these vehicles are. With an e-bike, you are not only saving money by cutting out all the gas you are also reducing the accompanying carbon emissions. With an e-bike, it is actually easy to do your part to help protect the environment. Also, no one is going to miss all that smog around campus either.

Reason 4: Avoid Being Tardy

We already discussed how much time you can save by avoiding the search for parking spaces, but an e-bike can help with a lot more than that. With a car or even a motorcycle, it is easy to get caught in traffic jams. Whether it's an accident or just rush hour, your professor may not care.

But, with an e-bike, it's easy to soar past the traffic, waving bye to all the old clunkers along the way. By using either pedal-assist or throttle, you can move far faster than your old bike. In fact, with the Espin Aero, you can enjoy a top speed of 20 mph continuously, which is twice the 10 mph most bike riders average.

You will also enjoy the powerful take-offs an e-bike can offer from every stoplight. This will give you several more moments of snoozing before you have to rush out the door, and you won't have to worry about any more penalties on your grades from the professor either.

Reason 5: Get Some Exercise

Pretty much every student finds themselves pressed for time and short on money, and this is not a recipe for a healthy lifestyle. It can be really hard to find the time and money for a gym membership between the classes you should be studying for and the fact instant ramen is the only food you can afford.

Luckily, an e-bike can offer you a chance to let out some stress between classes and get in a light aerobic workout without spending time or money doing it. This is a great chance to keep in shape when time is scarce. If you want to increase the intensity, just reduce the pedal-assist or even turn it off altogether and get some work in.

Reason 6: Make Some Money

One thing that may not have crossed your mind is the fact that an e-bike can start making money back for you. Uber Eats and Postmates are two of the largest food delivery services in the country, and they are always hiring more delivery pros. With your e-bike, you can make fast, efficient deliveries with nearly no business expenses at all. With an e-bike like the Espin 21 Sport, you can enjoy 30-50 miles of battery range with twice the speed of a regular bicycle. With nearly no costs and an effortless high speed, this is a winning combination for making some extra book money.

Final Thoughts

It's safe to say with all of these advantages that an e-bike really can be the ultimate accessory for any college student. With these low-cost, efficient vehicles, you can do your part to protect the environment, make some extra money, stay healthy, and get to your classes on time every time. So, join the e-bike movement and get riding!

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