Foldable vs. Non-Foldable: Which E-Bike Should You Get?

Foldable vs. Non-Foldable: Which E-Bike Should You Get?

Over the years, electric bikes have been gaining a lot of popularity as people look into alternative modes of transportation. E-bikes happen to be an eco-friendly way of transportation that allows you to cover long distances without tiring you out. That said, the popularity of e-bikes poses a problem that many would-be bike owners are faced with: is it better to buy a foldable or non-folding e-bike? Let's look at the pros and cons of both so you can decide which e-bike to get.

Pros: Foldable E-Bike

Foldable e-bikes are pretty much compact and convenient to carry and store. They are also highly portable and are handy when you need to take a trip on the train, bus, or subways. You can simply fold up your e-bike and carry it like a piece of luggage. If you love to go on long bike rides, a foldable e-bike also makes it a lot easier to carry your luggage and other things, as you can fold your e-bike and carry it as you would a backpack.

On the other hand, you can also easily bring your e-bike to a friend's house or office and leave it there. You can also just take it out of your storage and bring it to a nearby park or other places where you want to go for a bike ride.

Cons: Foldable E-Bike

While foldable electric bikes are indeed handy, that's not the only pro. When you get a foldable e-bike, the problem is that it doesn't last long. If you're going to be riding it often, it won't be long until it starts to break down. For one, the batteries on these bikes are not as rugged as the ones on non-folding electric bikes. Many people have also complained that they have had issues with their brakes or handlebars while riding their foldable e-bikes.

Due to the nature of its engineering, foldable e-bikes sacrifice a lot of their durability in exchange for a more compact and portable design.

Pros: Non-Foldable E-Bike

If you're after an e-bike that lasts a long time and won't break down on you, a non-folding e-bike is the way to go. These bikes have bigger, sturdier batteries and more durable components. They are made better so they last longer and can go through more heavy-duty use.

They are also designed to be more comfortable to ride, so you will be able to go on longer rides without getting tired. These e-bikes are also a great choice if you want to haul around a lot of stuff. They are made to be able to carry a lot of luggage or other things on the racks and in the cargo area.

Cons: Non-Foldable E-Bike

The biggest con of getting a non-folding e-bike is that you won't be able to bring it around when you're on the go. While it's true you can still take it on a train, bus, or subway to a closer location, it's not as convenient as a foldable e-bike. This is due to the fact that you won't be able to carry it on your shoulder or in a bag.

If you're planning on going on longer rides on highways and other areas that are further away from you, you might run into issues hauling a non-folding bike around and bringing it to the location you want to go to.


At the end of the day, the choice between a foldable or non-folding e-bike is not one based on preference. It all boils down to which one you need. A non-folding e-bike is excellent if you want something that can carry heavy loads, last for a long time, and can go on longer rides. A foldable e-bike is great for shorter rides and for people who don't have a lot of luggage.

If you're in the market for a new e-bike, Espin should be the first brand on your list. We offer bikes that are designed for absolute comfort and convenience, giving you the best experience while riding a bike. Whether you like foldable or non-foldable e-bikes, you'll definitely find something that suits your needs in our store. Check out our collection of e-bikes for sale!

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