The Benefits You Get with Using Foldable Electric Bikes

The Benefits You Get with Using Foldable Electric Bikes

Every day, 75% of Americans drive to work. This only worsens traffic congestion and greenhouse gas emissions. As a result, a growing number of people are choosing e-bicycles as a mode of transportation.

For city dwellers, electric bikes are more affordable, maneuverable, and convenient. You can also get a workout while traveling if you choose to pedal and not rely solely on the throttle. E-bikes use their motor and pedal assist to make cycling easier and allow riders to cover longer distances faster.

E-bikes today come in a variety of shapes and sizes. As of late, folding electric bikes are also rising in popularity. Without further ado, read on to discover the many benefits you can get with using foldable electric bikes such as Espin's foldable and step-through ebike, the Nesta.

The Electric Bicycle That Folds

A folding electric bike combines two of the most iconic innovations in cycling: folding and electric motors. E-bikes have several advantages over traditional bicycles in terms of transportation. When not in use, the bike's foldable mechanism makes it more portable and storable. To highlight this unique innovation, consider the following:


We've already talked about the benefits of owning a foldable bike, but that's just the beginning. Unless you're big and super strong, you can understand how difficult it is to carry a bike up a flight of stairs. By allowing the bike to be folded in half, you avoid this issue. This also makes it easier to store when you come into the office or come home to a small garage. Or, if you live in a smaller space such as a condo or apartment, you're able to keep your ebike inside and away from the streets where it can be stolen.

When it comes to transportation, you may need to haul your bike in a vehicle. A folding bike can be easily stuffed into the trunk of a car without sacrificing seating space or requiring you to have an external hauling attachment.

No Need for a License

Folding electric bikes are not classified as motorcycles or mopeds. They are considered bicycles under the law due to their manual operation. As a result, riding an electric foldable bike does not necessitate a special license.

Improved Theft Protection

A foldable bicycle, like any other bicycle, is vulnerable to theft. Fortunately, you can transport it and monitor it wherever you go. As a result, you won't have to worry about the safety of the bike.

Because it folds, it also makes it easier to chain up and loop a normal bike lock through several parts of the bike rather than just one area for those times you need to chain it somewhere public.

Avoid Traffic

A folding electric bike can get to places where a car cannot. This means you can find easier and safer routes while still following all traffic laws and regulations that apply to bike riding areas. Then, the ability to ride a bike through a city quickly and safely is quickly acquired.

Foldable bikes can also be easily taken on public transport such as a light train, metro, or bus.

No Gas Problems

A foldable bike, unlike motorcycles, is not entirely reliant on its charge (fuel). It should be able to travel 50 miles on a single charge. Of course, this is dependent on the rider's weight, speed, and terrain.

A single charge should last the average person two days. If your battery dies, you can always use manual cycling to strengthen your legs.

With today's gas prices being what they are - ebikes are also a huge money saver.

Easy Maintenance

Despite its superiority to traditional bicycles, a folding electric bike requires no special maintenance. It requires the same maintenance as a standard bicycle, aside from battery charging.

Maintain Good Health

The main reason for infrequent physical activity is a lack of time. You can burn calories while commuting on a foldable electric bike. Simply start the engine and cruise home when you're ready to retire.


From environmental sustainability, convenience, and health, the electric bike has proven to be a great mode of transportation. Indeed, it’s an investment worth making today! Now that it has come with a foldable variety, there’s no reason why we shouldn’t explore this innovation!

Espin Bikes offer an electric bike buying guide featuring models that redefine urban mobility and are kinder to your body and the environment. No matter your budget or preference, there’s a model that fits everybody. 

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