Sport Rehab - How Can an Electric Bike Help Things Along

Sport Rehab - How Can an Electric Bike Help Things Along

Sports rehab is a crucial part of recovery for injured athletes. It's meant to help them resume training or get back to competition form without leading them to any risks related to injuries. What many people don't realize is that electric bikes can be used to help things along. Exercises that don't strain joints and muscles too much can be done using an electric bike, or ebike.

It's the safest way for abilities to be rebuilt and strength to be regained.

What Is Sports Rehab?

Sports rehabilitation is the process of judging when an injured player is safe to return to the field. The main goal is to give the athlete back his or her starting position without putting the player or other people in danger. It's usually recommended after initial medical treatment has been applied.

Someone that has an injury that stops them from the most basic of functions like walking, for example, will need to get that sorted first. Fractured bones will likely need a splint first and have a healing period to that end.

Eventually, sports rehab will be recommended for a full recovery and proper conditioning.

How Can An Electric Bike Help?

The motions of cycling can be gone through at any level of effort. So on days when the person in recovery doesn't have that much energy, they will still be able to get some exercise in. Their legs are pumping the pedals as if they were actually on a real bike ride. The key difference is that there's a motor serving as extra assistance for the "cycling trip" to keep pushing on.

Depending on the person's progress and their physical therapist's recommendation, eventually the assist can be lowered. Not immediately, of course; going gradually is the best way to go. That way, the body doesn't get shocked or exacerbated out of nowhere.

Overall health gets a considerable bonus from electric bike usage in sports rehab as well.

In the Clinical Journal of Sports Medicine's May 2018 edition, a study was released wherein peak oxygen of adults that were overweight before and after a month of commuting by bike were compared. The cardiorespiratory performance of a person can get a major boost from cycling on an electric bike.

The University of Glasgow conducted research in 2017 that found a link between riding a bike to work and the risk of premature death decreasing. The risk of heart disease was lowered by cycling for around 30 miles in a week. The whole study occurred over a span of five years, with over 260,000 respondents.

Since sports injuries tend to also affect things like breathing and overall health, these findings further prove the way electric bike riding is quite helpful for sports rehab overall.


Sports rehab is an integral part of the recovery of any athlete who's looking to get back to training or competition. A great way to help things along is through the use of an electric bike. It helps the body to get a workout without exacerbating anything, gradually rebuilding strength and abilities.

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