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21 Sport

  • Commuter and Light Trail Riding


Does an aggressive riding style get you going? Then the Sport is for you. Its mountain bike inspired frame is perfect for your literally energized outing.


Inspired by a flash of lightning racing through the night sky, the Sport comes in cobalt blue and black.

Suggested for riders 5'6" - 6'4"

  • 500W Geared Hub Motor 

  • 30 - 50 Miles per Charge 

  • Class 2

Estimated Delivery: 1-2 weeks

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Motor Brand     

Motor Type 

Rear Mounted Geared Hub

Motor Nominal Output

500 watts / 800 peak output

Motor Torque

55 Nm

Battery Brand
Samsung Cells

Battery Voltage
48 volts

Battery Amp Hours
14 ah

Battery Watt Hours

Battery Chemistry

Battery Charge Time
6 hours

Riding Range Estimated Min
30 miles

Riding Range Estimated Max
50 miles

Display Type     
Espin color display

Speed, Battery, Assist Level (1-5), Odometer

Drive Mode     
12 magnet sealed cadence sensing pedal assist

Top Speed     
Class 2

Bike Components

Attachment Points

Rear Rack bosses, Fender Bosses


Zoom Dual Piston Hydraulic Disc Brake, Front/Rear w/180mm Rotor

Zoom levers with Integrated Motor Cutoff


Alloy Cranks 170 mm, 45T Chainring with Plastic Bash Guard


100mm Travel Hydraulic Lockout

Frame Size


Frame Type

Double diamond


S-Ride 8 speed 13-32T

Hand Grips



Zoom Alloy Flat Handlebar 25.4mm



Wellgo Aluminum Alloy Platform

Rack Capacity

55 lbs (25kg) 15" x 5"


Selle Royal Freeway


Zoom 30.4mm


S-Ride triggers


CST 27.5 x 2.10


55 lbs

Locking Removable Battery Pack & Fenders

Our best selling e-bike, 

lightning fast speed at your fingertips.

21 Sport is a class 2, or low-speed throttle-assisted, electric bike that gives your daily commutes and cruises a smooth boost. Our fine-tuned Espin motor and controller that have undergone rigorous testing and QA is powerful and reliable. 

Take those hills like riding a magic carpet. You’ll only look back to see how far you’ve come — farther and faster than you’ve ever had the chance to go before. 

Redesigned to outperform

Want to go farther and faster than you have before? The redesigned Sport is built for performance and range, tackling any hills in your way. 

Comes equipped with hydraulic disc brakes and integrated motor cut offs that make for a smooth ride up to 20mph.

20 mph

Top Speed

30 - 50 miles


Full Throttle

Take charge and lead the way with this e-bike that lets you switch between pedal-assist or throttle mode in an instant. Get to your destination without breaking a sweat. 

The e-bike for everybody

Ride faster, longer, and more confidently, whether you’re riding in city traffic or on trails. 

Easily customize your ride with all the essential information right at your fingertips.


Battery Watt Hours

6 hours

Charge Time



Espin 21 Sport Size Chart

Suggested for riders 5'6" - 6'4"

1. Reach 17"

2. Handlebar Height 44"

3. Stand Over Height 29"

4. Total Length 70"

5. Minimum Saddle Height 32"

6. Maximum Saddle Height 41"

Total Weight Capacity 275 lbs

Frequently Asked Questions

Click here to learn more about our Frequently Asked Questions

+ What's the difference between Espin's Flow and Sport eBikes?

The Flow is a European inspired design built for the urban commuters who wants to zip through traffic and ride comfortably. Elegant 17” step through frame that allows you to mount and dismount easily and safely anytime you want.

The Sport comes in a 17 inch diamond frame and is for riders looking for a more sporty and aggressive riding style.

+ Does the Espin Sport model display have a USB port for charging devices such as a phone?

Yes, there is a USB port at the bottom of the color display.

+ What is an electric bike (e-bike) and what makes it different from a regular bike?

An electric bike is just like a regular bike, except for 4 main electrical components: the battery, motor, controller and display. Other than that, it will function and ride just like a normal bicycle. 

The Espin eBike is a pedal assist bike, which uses the motor to increase the power created when you pedal. So it rides and turns just like a regular bike, it just makes riding easier, especially uphill.

+ What is Espin made of?

Espin pedal-assist eBikes are made from 6061 aerospace grade aluminum alloy.

+ Can I ride my Espin pedal-assist eBike in the rain?

Yes, we have waterproofed all the wiring and electrical connections so it can withstand rain. Of course, one should not let the bike just completely soak in the rain if possible, but there is no need to worry about riding in rain.

+ Can I assemble it myself?

Yes! The assembly takes less than 15 minutes and we even provide all the tools you need. If you run into any issues, you can follow along in the assembly video.

+ What maintenance is required?

Maintenance is exactly the same as a regular bike other than the four main electrical components: battery, motor, controller, display. You should do basic tune-ups on your bike after the first 100 miles. Regular tire pressure checking is important as you want to keep your tires inflated for maximum riding comfort. 

Other than that, the electrical components should require minimal maintenance and if any issues arise, please follow the instructions to diagnose the issue, which will be included in the user manual. If you are still unable to fix the problem, please submit a warranty claim and we will process your claim as soon as we can as we understand you want to get back on the road as quickly as possible.

Financing Options

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Go for a spin with your 21 Sport  today

Customer Reviews

Based on 86 reviews
John Maples
Flow and sport bike

I wrote a review back in December when we got the flow and sports bikes. had little time to ride them now it is June I live in Homer Glen Illinois. My wife and I have been using the bikes several times a week absolutely love these bikes would recommend them to anybody. The bikes have ample power for Illinois terrain. I did 38 miles on one charge on the battery thought that was awesome. Just wish they would’ve incorporated screws for water bottle holder and Had puncture proof tires.

Clement Seldin

After several weeks of research including online analysis, calls to ebike friends, and test drives at my local bike store, I concluded that the Espin 21 Sport was what I was looking for. In one ebike periodical I had read earlier, it stated that you could buy a very good ebike for $1500. You didn’t have to spend thousands more. And that is just what I found. In the past weeks, I’ve ridden about 200 miles and it has been a wonderful ebike - very well made, excellent power assist, easy to adjust everything and attractive too. Also - if you have any question or concern, just email. Their customer support folks are excellent and, unlike many other online companies, Espin responds within a day to emails. Their support team is well trained and very helpful. I’ve been telling my friends about this impressive ebike and I believe two may be purchasing Espin Sports soon!

While the many strengths of this ebike certainly well-outweigh any concerns, I’ll share two concerns. 1. the accompanying manual was not helpful and needs to be seriously edited by a native English speaker and marketing person who writes very clearly. clarEven the videos should be reshot for clarity. 2. I wish there was a local Espin dealer where I could bring the ebike for service. Yes - most traditional bike stores, like the three in my town, will work on the ebike but NOT any electronics - including the motor. From the start, I have had a unique clicking sound when the left pedal reaches the low pedaling position. Espin was helpful in trying to diagnose it based on my email and video clip I sent but I need to bring it to my local bike store. Espin will cover the labor of the repair. As one bike store rep said to me, if I had bought one of their ebikes, they’d take care of everything. Despite this, I'm remain VERY happy with my Espin Sport and will be out riding it again today!

David Neville

21 Sport

Arthur J Wesman
New Ride

I am lovin the new ride and getting to know all of the features.It rides good on the streets,next I will be going to the bike trails.Had a couple of issues from shipping,one resolved,waiting on the second.Over all it is a great bike.

Gary Stern

Easy to put together
A joy to ride

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