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21 SPORT and 21 FLOW

Front Rack


Front rack for 21 Sport and 21 Flow

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
21 Flow: a Smart Choice

Excellent customer service! Overall excellent quality. I'd recommend watching YouTube videos before assembling. The Flow is an excellent all-around ebike at a price that can't be beat for the features and quality. Very comfortable and fun on city streets and gravel/compact dirt trails. So far the battery life is excellent! 35 miles ridden and the battery indicator is still at max level. The Flow is an excellent ebike for the vast majority of riders especially older riders because the upright riding position reduces stress on the neck and wrist joints and the step through design makes it easier to mount and dismount especially on sudden stops and when carrying a larger load on the rear rack. I also recommend getting the optional front rack for greater utility.

Bud 11
FLOW-Front Rack

Easy to install and very sturdy. I’ve added a small bag in front that conveniently keeps my iPone, water and other personal items in easy access. Since the bag attaches to the front rack instead of the handle bars It keeps the handle bars free of clutter and scratches. I highly recommend.

Jeff Wilke

21 Sport | Flow Front Rack

Joy Mendez

I wasn’t sure I’d like a rack on the front but now that I’ve used it, I love it. It’s a little difficult to figure out how to work all the cables behind the rack so they would not get pinched but we did. I will use this rack for small packages I pick up from the post office. Win win!

Fred Fischer
Absolutely Love my Flow

63 years old. Went from not riding at all to 10-15 miles per day. My cardiologist is also thrilled. Great quality. Great support. I will buy one for my wife.

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