The Top Ebike for 2022: The Espin Nesta

The Top Ebike for 2022: The Espin Nesta

Electric bikes have quickly become one of the best ways to get around town quickly without needing to break a sweat. In only a few years, e-bikes have gone from being a rare sight to a near-ubiquit...

2022E-bike Tariffs Exclusions Reinstated

E-bike Tariffs Exclusions Reinstated

On Wednesday, March 23, the US Trade Representative's office reinstated over 350 expired product tariff exclusions that includes affected bike products coming from China. Since January 1, 2021, the...

2021Phil & Shar: A Year to Volunteer Spotlight Blog

Phil & Shar: A Year to Volunteer Spotlight Blog

We at Espin are always thrilled to hear what the exceptional members of our community are doing with their electric bikes. Whether it’s living sustainable lives in their tiny houses or travelling t...

2021Shipping Delays Explained

Shipping Delays Explained

We know a lot of customers are questioning why their bikes are taking so long to arrive, and we want to let you know we are listening and help you to understand why this problem is happening. Retai...

2021man riding e-bike

How Bike Tariffs Are Impacting the eBike Community

Across America, electric bike prices have been affected by not only recent increases in tariffs on goods imported from China, but also increased shipping costs, and a scarcity of bike parts due to ...

nestatax documents

Electric Bike Credit - What's it About and Who is it For?

I didn’t realize how handy an electric bike could be until I got one. I loved riding my bike to errands, work, fun, or nearly everywhere, but even after nearly a year of riding, I was still really ...


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